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Updated June 11, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Pit Bike PERFORMANCE Coil Pack Type 2 - Fun Bikes


Pit Bike PERFORMANCE Coil Pack Type 2 This is a universal PERFORMANCE UPGRADE coil pack for all pit bikes and all engine sizes from 70cc right through to 160cc and above. It will work on bikes with without lighting circuits and bikes which are kick start or electric start. Summary.
For all engine sizes.
High quality coil creates stronger spark.
Strong spark improved performance.
Fits M2R pit bikes.
Fits Xsport pit bikes.
Fits thumpster pit bikes.
Fits Stomp pit bikes.
Fit Pitster pro pit bikes.
Fits Orion pit bikes.
Fits Lucky pit bikes.
Fits Demon X pit bikes.
Fits Welsh pit bikes.
Fits Evo pit bikes..... (more)

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