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Updated June 11, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes MB 43cm Motorbike 250w Green Electric Kids Monkey Bike - Fun Bikes

Monkey Bikes

FunBikes MB 43cm Green 250w Electric Kids Monkey Bike.
New Models now come complete with complimentary stabilisers and knobbly tyres.
Just like the name suggests this new bike takes things to a new cheeky fun level for the junior rider and has to be the ultimate kid's ebike.
We know that you want to look awesome on this bike as if you are riding a real motorbike bike which is why this bike comes with a large chopper style padded seat and alloy wheels..
Overall Length 97cm Width 59cm and Height 67cm. A seat height of 44cm. 65kg max rider weight and a top speed of 13mph based on weight and terrain..
Just for reference we find this is most commonly purchased for children aged 36 years. The suitability of the product to a particular child is at the Parents Discretion - Height Weight and Skill should also be considered..
Features Include:.
Powerful 250w Motor.
The 250w motors fitted to these bikes are both smooth and powerful. Ensuring hills aren't a problem the power delivery on this bike provides ample control and plenty of torque..
Pneumatic OffRoad Tyres.
Providing better control and durability our bikes use rubber pneumatic tyres. Imitating the tyres of our much larger bikes we don't just see these as a toy but an introduction to bike control..
Coming with a complimentary pair of stabilisers these allow the bike to lean left and right to aid steering but prevent falling from leaning too far..
Rear Disc Brake.
Providing ample stopping power the bike uses a full size disc brake on the rear wheel. Using the rear wheel prevents any chance of grabbing the brake in a panic and going over the bars following our aim to build confidence in young riders..
Speed Switch.
Featuring a guarded onoff switch to keep it out the way and protected pictured this prevents the bike from being accidentally switched on. Accommodating for all experience levels we've introduced twospeed settings on this bike. You can ensure ..... (more)

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