Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated August 02, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Wulfsport Cub Pro Boots White - Fun Bikes

Childrens Clothing

Wulfsport Cub Pro Boots The Wulf Cub boot provides the rider with comfort secure fitting and a flashy design. A leather upper and rubber sole are double stitched together for maximum strength when out on the track and in the woods. Adjustable straps with strong buckles and a Velcro top strap ensures a tight fit enhanced with an elasticated top to stop water and debris getting into the boot. The sole has a great tread for great grip. At the front of the boot there a metal shank for shock absorption should the rider put their foot down for cornering or protection from any other impact. There an inside tongue that insulates the boot from any water or debris getting in. The heel and achilles area of the boot sturdy and near impossible to bend backwards. Overall this an excellent boot for the young rider and an essential part of any off road kit...... (more)

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