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Updated February 20, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Cobra 4S Mini Dirt Bike Brake Pads Rear - Fun Bikes

Brake Pads

Cobra 4S Mini Dirt Bike Brake Pads Rear 2016 Model with hydraulic brake system If youre running with low brake pads then youll not only damage the brake disks by scoring them but the stopping performance and stopping power of your brakes will be substantially reduced. Due to the off road nature of pit bikes brake pads can wear very fast. This is due to dirt acting like sandpaper abasing away the softest part of the brakes i.e. the brake pads themselves. A spare set of brake pads is a worthy addition to anyones spares package. Summary.
Running low pads can damage brake disks.
Good condition brake pads means optimum stopping power.
Add a set to your spares package...... (more)

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