Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated February 23, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

M2R KX110F Pit Bike Air Filter - Fun Bikes

Air Filters

M2R KX110F Pit Bike Air Filter.
Our pit bike air filters are designed to keep the dirt away. With an outer crud catcher and an inner sponge filter you can be sure the dirt won't be getting in easily. Not only this but the quality air filter improves air flow and assists in even running. Easy to clean and long lasting this is a must have for your pit bike. We recommend the use of an air filter oil for off roading to obtain maximum effectiveness. A clean air filter is essential for optimum performance and reliability..
Shown as part 3.
Part Number: 1.027.0010.
Fixing clamp part 31 shown not included and sold seperately..... (more)

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