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Updated May 26, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

DT-830B Digital Multimeter Hand Held - Fun Bikes


DT830B Digital Multimeter Hand Held.
Mini size and low cost multimeter which can be used to measure resistant AC DC Voltage DC current transistor diode. It has LowBattery indicator..
LCD : 3 12digits.
Maximum reading: 1999.
DC Voltage: 200mV2000mV20V200V1000V.
AC Voltage: 200V750V.
DC Current: 200uA2000uA20mA200mA10A.
Transistor: NPN PNP.
Battery: 9Vincluded.
Size: L12.4cm x W6.9cm x H2.4cm.
Weight: 126g.
Package include:.
1 x DT830B multimeter9V battery included.
1 x Test lead.
1 x User Manual.
NOTE: Product image is for illustration only. The actual colour of the product may be different..
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