Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated June 19, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Mini Moto, Quad, Motard, Dirt Bike High Performance Head Kit Gold - Fun Bikes

Performance Parts

Mini Moto Quad Motard Dirt Bike High Performance Head KitConvert any 47cc or 49cc engine with this complete upgrade kit..
Beautiful 2 piece chrome head.
1 Brass head gasket two are shown which is incorrect.
2 New piston rings.
2 New piston cir clips.
New small end bearing.
New wrist pin.
New base gasket.
NGK spark plug.
Full circle crank Less vibration.
Increased torque throughout entire rev range.
Revs at approximately 3000 RPM higher than standard engine..
Doubles Engine power REPEAT Doubles engine power.
Lovely smooth running with a really fruity fullon sports sound THE BEST MOD FOR ANY MINI MOTO POCKET BIKE WE HAVE FOUND SO FAR..... (more)

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