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Updated May 17, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

M2R Racing KX110F 110cc 14-12 76cm Blue Pit Bike - Fun Bikes

Pit Bikes

M2R KX110F PIT BIKE The M2R KX110F is a superb bike for entrylevel fun. For fun or field use this bike has got to be the one to choose if youre on a tight budget but still require a good quality strong field bike that will endure what you put it through. Though not suitable for jumping and motocross use we have still made this the best specification possible for the price so you wont be left disappointed by what this bike has to offer This bike is the strongest toughest most durable in its entrylevel class. Features include:.
M2R Triple Clamps.
Air Filter 34mm Black Sponge with Crud Catcher.
Black Levers.
MX Filler Cap.
PP Plastics.
110cc HighPerformance 4Stroke Engine.
Using a high revving 4stroke 110cc engine despite it's size it packs a punch. With ample torque in the bottom end and power really coming in the upper rev range the KX110F has got you covered wherever you intend to ride it. Paired with the race specification gearbox with a shift pattern N1234 this bike is easy to use and built to the same specifications as our bigger bikes..
Reenforced SDG Hubs.
Reinforced SDG hubs have been laced to a satin black powder coated rim with stainless spokes. These smaller pit bike wheels are incredibly strong and make the KX110F highly manoeuvrable..
Hydraulic Oil Filled Forks.
These robust M2R forks are supple and strong. Soaking up whatever you can throw at them these will keep you riding smoothly. Being a sealed unit these forks have been built with ease of ownership in mind and not requiring to be serviced at this price range these forks can't be beat..
Hydraulic M2R Rear Shock.
Fitted with a progressive hydraulic rear shock absorber this shock gets stiffer as it goes through its travel reducing the risk of bottoming out. This makes the suspension soft when necessary but stiff and responsive when necessary..
Reinforced Handlebars.
Using 22mm black reinforced handlebars these bars are strong and look great. With the colou..... (more)

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