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Updated September 20, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Amped A10 Red 100w Electric Kids Balance Bike - Fun Bikes

Electric Balance Bikes

Amped A10 100w Electric Kids Balance Bike.
Simply the best Electric Balance Bike on the market today. ;.
Bridging the gap and simplifying the transition from a balance bike to a motorcycle. ; The perfect way to introduce the skills of throttle control and balance to children from the age of 3. ;.
Features include ;Removable Battery Can be removed and charged without being in the bike. Plus you can buy a spare battery which can be charged up for longer ride periods. Not available from any other manufacturer who use in bike charging. ;Latest Makita Slide Batterys are also compatible..
5.2AH Lithium Battery 30 more riding time compared to leadacid batteries and twice the time of other electric balance bikes..
6 Month Warranty ; Twice the length of any other manufacturer. ;.
Motorcycle style twist throttle Makes the transition to motorbikes easier rather than using a mountain bike style grip twist as opposed to a mountain bike twist grip..
Internal cable routing No messy wires hanging out. ;Cables routed internally in the frame to increase safety and cuts risks of getting caught on legs or obstacles. Streamline no mess and safe. ;.
Sealed Under Frame ;All wiring hidden and sealed to prevent water damage. The only model on the market to offer sealed protection. ;.
Safety Brake Cut out Switch ;Cuts out the power when the brake pulled which vital when kids are learning to ride. Only available on the Amped models. ;.
Lightest Electric Balance Bike Available ; ;Makes it easier for mum to drop it in the car for those long walks with the kids. ;.
The Most Powerful Model True 100w motor. Substantially more powerful than the nearest competitors bikes. ;.
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