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Updated June 11, 2024

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Amped A10 Blue 150w Electric Kids Balance Bike - Fun Bikes

Electric Balance Bikes

Amped A10 150w Electric Kids Balance Bike.
Simply the best Electric Balance Bike on the market today..
Bridging the gap and simplifying the transition from a balance bike to a motorcycle. The perfect way to introduce the skills of throttle control and balance to children from the age of 3..
The bike will require a small amount of assembly before use..
Appropriate protective equipment to be worn at all times..
Features Include:.
Powerful 150w Motor.
A true 150w motor putting out 20N.m. This bike has substantially more power than the competition allowing the A10 to reach 10Kmh. Leaving room to develop skills this isn't a throwaway gift by any means..
Removable 5.8Ah Battery.
Coming with a 5.8Ah running at 18v these batteries are a much higher capacity than the current competition on the market. The latest Makita slide batteries are crosscompatible with the batteries available with the A10..
Motorbike Style Twist Grip Throttle.
Using a twist grip throttle to imitate those of bigger bikes but designed for smaller hands these bikes are great for developing the critical skills to ride our junior range of bikes in the future..
Internal Cable Routing.
With no messy wires to get wrapped up in we've routed the brake and throttle cables for the A10 through the frame to keep a crisp and streamlined look..
Sealed Under Frame.
With all wiring hidden and the underside sealed. This is the only model on the market currently to offer any kind of water prevention and protection..
Safety Brake Cut Out Switch.
Designed to cut off power as soon as the brake lever is pulled this system prevents power from being supplied to the motor whilst bringing the Amped A10 to a stop. Proving most beneficial to new riders we've found this system to be vital for children mastering the controls..
Lightest Electric Balance Bike Available.
As we've found across all our product range keeping weight down is key to user experience. Allowing the bi..... (more)

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