Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated September 20, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Funbikes Bambino 250w Blue Kids Electric Mini Quad Bike - Fun Bikes

Mini Quad Bikes

Funbikes 24v 250w Bambino Kids Electric Quad Bike.
The latest addition to the long line of Fun products from Funbikes this the new 24v 250w Bambino Kids Electric Quad Bike. The Bambino great fun for off road and on road adventures With its Pneumatic knobbly tires for added traction it perfect for beginners. Just grab the realistic twist grip throttle and let the fun begin With its cushioned seat upright seating position and solid footrests it makes riding more comfortable and fun. Built to last the Bambino has heavyduty steel construction chaindriven motor and a handactuated disc brake..
Supplied with larger 6 wheels for more ground clearance than the traditional 4 fitted to mini quads to cope with a rougher ground for even more fun..
With great torque and real outdoor rubber tyres as with all our children';s quad ranges these are not your traditional ride on toys..
Almost silent this quad will offer hours of fun in almost any children';s outdoor environment not just the kitchen.
Solidly built and simple to maintain the quad will deal with grass gravel concrete and even gentle offroad..
A heavy duty frame with the ability to bear your child';s weight as they grow and real outdoor rubber tyres with a sensible clearance from the floor separates these quads from similar priced plasticbased toys. This in fact a mini quad bike with all the fun and versatility that provides..
Please bear in mind that this model for dry use only and should you wish to use a quad in wet muddy conditions please look at our petrolbased models..
This mini quad has been specified for quality performance and reliability Improvements specified over standard mini quads include -;.
250w 24v reliable motor.
Longer Wearing Tyres.
Higher grade tyres give better grip and reduce the number of changes required..
Safety and Design.
CE approved.
Suitable for concrete tarmac and gentle offroad use like gravel paths and flat grass..<..... (more)

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