Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated August 02, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes MXR 550w Lithium Electric Motorbike 61cm Blue-Black Kids Dirt Bike - Fun Bikes

Mini Dirt Bikes

The Funbikes MXR Kids Electric Dirt Bike ;The perfect starter Electric Kids Motorbike..
With great torque and real outdoor rubber tyres as with all our children';s bike ranges these are not your traditional ride on toys..
A Chromalloy frame with the ability to bear your child';s weight as they grow and real outdoor rubber tyres separates these Motorbikes from similar priced plasticbased toys. This in fact a mini Dirt Bike with all the fun and versatility that provides..
Almost silent this bike will offer hours of fun in almost any children';s outdoor environment not just the kitchen.
Solidly built and simple to maintain the bike will deal with grass gravel concrete and even gentle offroad..
Please bear in mind that this model for dry use only and should you wish to use a bike in wet muddy conditions please look at our petrolbased models..
Adult control as standard with threespeed settings to adjust as your child becomes older better skilled and comfortable with riding. On this model the speed can be governed with a removable key at 5 10 or 16 mph..
Including a high power ;LITHIUM ;battery and a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Motor. ;This 36 Volt ;LITHIUM ;battery a substantial upgrade from lead acid. Substantially lighter it offers better performance and more ride time. In optimum conditions up to 14 miles..
Riding simple and easy with no gears it';s fully automatic so just twist the throttle and away you go. ;.
Length 122cm Seat Height 62cm amp; Handlebar Height 82cm with a Max rider weight of 60kg. Max Speed estimated at 16mph dependent upon terrain and rider weight..
All Mini Dirt Bikes are not the same..
You should be aware of the build quality and parts quality very important to how much maintenance required. This Dirt Bike has been specified for quality and reliability improvements specified over standard Dirt Bikes include -;.
Higher Grade Wheel Bearings.
This gives a much longer life to the bearin..... (more)

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