Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated October 24, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes Toxic 50cc Red Kids Petrol Mini Quad Bike - Fun Bikes

Mini Quad Bikes

The Funbikes Kids Mini Quad 50cc Petrol Version.
Our best selling range of mini quads. This model fast fun reliable and incredible value for money..
This generation of 50cc engines faster torquier more reliable and even easier to set up and start than ever before..
Easy pull start improved carburettor and all the standard safety features support and reliability Funbikes always provides. This 50cc quad the one for good old petrol outdoor fun. Suitable for both wet and dry conditions. What are you waiting for.
This quad will offer hours of fun in almost any children';s outdoor environment..
Solidly built the quad will deal with grass gravel concrete and even gentle offroad..
A strong steel frame that has with the ability to bear your child';s weight as they grow and real outdoor rubber tyres with a sensible clearance from the floor separates these quads from similar priced plasticbased toys. This bike a real mini quad bike with all the fun and versatility that provides..
Front and rear deflectors but no lights..
It';s easy to get confused when purchasing a mini quad after all many models look similar four wheels and a 50cc engine what can be different.
You should be aware of the build quality and parts quality essential to how much maintenance required. This mini quad specified for quality and reliability Improvements specified over standard mini quads include -;.
ThreeDisc Brakes.
Two front disk brakes and an independent rear disk brake for safety..
Longer Wearing Tyres.
Higher grade tyres give better grip and reduce the number of changes required..
HighQuality Suspension.
Three highgrade shock absorbers giving a smoother ride and weight management. Weight Limit 60kg over 9.5 st..
HighGrade Easy Start Engine Pull Cord.
The longest lasting quality pull cord available..
Adult Control.
Restrictable throttle for speed control..
Higher Grade Wheel Bearings.
Gives a much longer life to the bearing..... (more)

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