Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated May 26, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes Toxic 50cc Blue Kids Petrol Mini Quad Bike - Fun Bikes

Mini Quad Bikes

The Funbikes Kids Mini Quad 50cc Petrol Version.
Our best selling range of mini quads. This model is fast fun reliable and incredible value for money..
This quad will offer hours of fun in almost any children's outdoor environment..
Solidly built the quad will deal with grass gravel concrete and even gentle offroad..
The kids petrol mini quad is suitable for concrete tarmac and mild offroad use like gravel paths and flat grass..
Just for reference we find this is most commonly purchased for children aged 4 to 8 years. The suitability of the product to a particular child is at the Parents Discretion - Height Weight and Skill should also be considered..
CE approved..
Features Include:.
ThreeDisc Brakes.
Two front disc brakes and an independent rear disc brake for safety..
Supplied with larger 6' wheels for more ground clearance than the traditional 4' fitted to mini quads to cope with a rougher ground for even more fun. The longer wearing higher grade tyres also give better grip and reduce the number of changes required..
HighQuality Suspension.
Three highgrade shock absorbers giving a smoother ride and weight management. Weight Limit 60kg over 9.5 st..
HighGrade Easy Start Engine Pull Cord.
The longest lasting quality pull cord available..
Safety Measures.
With a rear sprocket and disc guard we've ensured all moving parts are covered to prevent injury..
High Quality Moulded Plastics With 3M Sticker Kit.
Ensuring the look of a full size quad bike our plastics are accurately moulded to ensure a good fitment on all our bikes paired with our 3M sticker kits they look great too..
Front and Rear Reflectors.
For clear visibility during the day we've fitted the Toxic with front and rear reflectors to ensure anyone riding the quad remains visible..
Reinforced Steel Frame.
With a reinforced steel frame we've made our own improvements to the frames of these quads to ensure they can take anythin..... (more)

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