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Updated June 12, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos Adult Motocross Crash Helmet Black - Fun Bikes

Adult Crash Helmets

Chaos Adult Motocross Crash Helmet Black.
Conforming to the strictest of safety standards not only are these helmets protective but they're also attractive. With the latest Chaos graphics this collection is available in four different colour options:.
Chaos Adult Motocross Helmet.
Polycarbonate Construction.
ACU and EC2205 Approved.
Lightweight Helmet.
Road and Race Legal.
What Size am I.
Its easy to find the helmet size to fit you. Bike helmets should fit snugly on your head even if youve got big hair. Ideally pressure should feel firm and even all over..
To find the right helmet size measure all the way around your head at the widest part from the front of your forehead right around the back of your head and back to the front again keep the tape measure above your ears and make sure it feels firm but not overtight or too loose - all our Helmet measurements are in centimetres CMs...... (more)

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