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Updated May 25, 2022

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Chaos Freeride 48v 2400w Two Wheel Drive Twin Motor Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

Chaos Freeride 2400w Two Wheel Drive Twin Motor Adult Electric Scooter.
The new Chaos twowheeldrive offroad scooter is like an amalgamation between the traditional BMX and a standard offroad electric scooter. Check out the front and rear singlesided suspension and wide handlebars..
Not suitable for wet conditions.
Features Include:.
Twin 1200w Motors.
Fitted with a powerful 1200w motor in both the front and rear wheel for a total of 2400w Using hub motors power is almost instant and takes you all the way up to 50kmh. The Chaos Freeride optimises the twowheel drive system to maintain a high level of traction in all conditions..
Eco Mode.
We know there isn't always a need for so much power so we've fitted the Chaos Freeride with an eco mode. This eco mode switches to a single motor setup to reduce power demand on the battery increasing the range and making the freeride a comfortable cruiser..
Lithium Battery 20Ah.
We've used a 20Ah lithium battery specially for the Freeride enabling the 40km range dependant on rider weight and how it's ridden. Keeping weight down but performance up the Freeride really is a lightweight coming in at only 24kg..
10 Inch Tyres.
Using our larger sized wheels to fit our 10 inch tyres. No matter the road condition the Freeride will keep you rolling smoothly..
Disc Brakes.
Using high power disc brakes front and rear the Freeride has positive brake feel paired with great performance..
LCD Display.
Displaying the power modes battery level and speed this crisp and clear display won't leave you without vital information in sunny conditions..
Integrated Swingarm Suspension.
With integrated single arm suspension the freeride maintains a minimalistic design whilst not compromising on performance. Providing a comfortable ride for riders up to 100kg..
Just for reference we find this is most commonly purchased for ages 14. The suitability of the product to a particular child is at the Pare..... (more)

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