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Updated May 21, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos 12v Blue Kids Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Junior Electric Scooters

Chaos Kids 30w Blue Electric Scooter.
Scootering fun with this awesome Kids Electric Scooter..
Whizzing along with speeds of up to 12kmph 8mph and enjoying a longer ride time than similar childrens scooters with an optimum run time of 60 minutes your kids will have so much fun zooming around on this great new junior electric scooter..
Suitable for ages 6 or younger at parents discretion..
12v Belt Drive Motor.
Fitted with a smooth belt drive motor the Chaos 30w has plenty of power to take a rider of up to 50kg to 8mph. This sealed belt drive unit requires no maintenance and provides power to the rear wheel..
12v 2.0Ah Battery.
Using a high efficiency 12v 2.0Ah battery the weight of the scooter is kept down but performance up. Keeping weight down has proven beneficial to the user experience making the Chaos 30w light enough to be used as a push scooter as well as an electric scooter removing any range anxiety..
Twist and Go Thumb Throttle.
Featuring a thumbactuated throttle for ease of use with smaller hands..
140mm Polyurethane Wheels.
Providing great grip and rolling speeds these wheels are larger than the standard found on stunt scooters and other push scooters. Aiding rolling speed and comfort these larger wheels will keep you moving on all smooth surfaces..
Foot Brake With Motor Cut Out.
The scooter also has a brilliant automatic motor cutout feature so when the foot brake pedal is pressed it cuts all the power going to the motor bringing the scooter to a steady stop. However if this is the case or if the battery is low the fact that it can also be used as a kick scooter means the fun never stops.
A steel frame and retractable kickstand mean you can also leave it propped up when not in use..
AntiSlip Footplate.
Featuring a grip taped deck for additional grip reducing the chance of feet slipping off..
Just for reference we find this is most commonly purchased for ages 6. The suitability..... (more)

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