Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated May 21, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Mashed Up Dirt 200mm Wheel Purple Blue Dirt Scooter - Limited Edition - Fun Bikes

Push Scooters

Mashed Up Purple Dirt Scooter Limited Edition.
Blue and Purple colours Mashed Up together 1 of only 300 Limited Edition.
Extreme its made with dirt scootering in mind..
Lightweight scooter with a highquality feel throughout..
200mm wheels shred with 20050 section offroad pneumatic tyres..
Abec9 bearings.
Strong and flickable..
Features include:.
Flat YStyle Chromoly 470mm Wide Handlebar.
With Y style bars these both look the part and are tough too Taking anything you through at them these handlebars won't leave you disappointed..
CNC Alloy 4 Bolt Clamp.
On rough terrain we found classic single or double bolt designs weren't enough rattling and vibrating loose with extended use. These 4 bolt clamps mean you don't have to stop your ride early..
CNC Threaded Headset.
Smooth and reliable this headset is easy to maintain and provides a great steering feel..
Reinforced Forks.
Using reinforced forks removes the chance of any damage when the going gets tough these tough forks can take whatever you through their way..
100mm 85A CNC Alu Core PU Cast Alloys.
Combining aluminium wheels with pneumatic rubber tyres gets the best of both worlds being strong and light there isn't much more you could ask for..
ABEC 9 Bearings.
Fast rolling and smooth these Abec 9 bearings keep you moving..
Inflex Steel Stop Brake.
Its all well and good being able to get moving but you've got to be able to stop as well this inflex steel brake provides all the braking power you need to stay safe..
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