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Updated June 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

10Ten 250RX 21-18 250cc 96cm Dirt Bike - Fun Bikes

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10Ten 250RX 2118 250cc 96cm Dirt Bike.
The newest bike from the UK's fastest growing Dirt bike brand Freshly revised ready for the 2022 model lineup the 250RX features a larger frame to accommodate the 21' and 18' wheels. With a gripper seat and aluminium silencer fitted as standard there isn't much more you could ask for..
The best value fullsize adult dirt bike available today is packed with features such as:.
Aggressive Knobbly Tyres.
Using a classic motocross tread pattern and design these tyres are optimised for when the going gets tough. With increased tread size towards the edges of the tyre these are designed for roosting your friends and getting your foot out..
Fully Adjustable Front Forks.
With upside down plush oil filled forks these USD forks provide confidence and assurance when the going gets tough. Using hydraulic fluid creates increased pressure as the fork travels through its motion reducing the risk of bottoming out..
Rebound Adjustability.
Adjustable rebound means you can set up the 250RX exactly how you want it. Whether you're flying through a rock garden or ripping down a trail the RX can be prepared for all scenarios..
Air Cooled 250cc Engine.
Maximising performance by keeping the weight down the RX has been fitted with a 250cc 4 stroke engine which has ample torque in the bottom end and a power curve that inspires confidence and control..
3M GraphicsStyling.
Featuring a full 3M graphics kit create clear and vibrant colours which don't fade with time. Having a gloss finish that shines like new after every clean..
Large Aluminium Wheels with Stainless Steel Spokes.
Reducing weight but maintaining strength the 21inch front and 18inch rear wheel have aluminium rims laced with stainless steel spokes. Due to aluminium's great load spreading properties the use of stainless spokes maintains great overall strength whilst keeping weight down..
Adjustable Mono Rear Shock.
Adjustable rear monoshock su..... (more)

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