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Updated April 22, 2024

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Amped A16 Black 180w Electric Kids Balance Bike - Fun Bikes

Electric Balance Bikes

Amped A16 180w Electric Kids Balance Bike.
The allnew Amped A16 is the first powered balance bike to feature a fully integrated rear hub motor. This new design means that the power is instant creating less drag no noise and very low maintenance..
The bike will require a small amount of assembly before use..
Appropriate protective equipment to be worn at all times..
Features Include:.
Integrated Rear Hub Motor.
Fitted with an integrated rear hub motor power delivery is almost instant with less drag and no noise with 20N.m of torque its powerful too. We've designed this motor to have minimal required maintenance to make sure you spend more time having fun.
Rear Disc Brake.
For additional control we've fitted the A16 with a 160mm rear disc brake for unrivalled stopping power on these kinds of bikes..
2 Speed Settings.
Fitted with an Eco and Boost mode whether you prioritise range or power we've got you covered. In Eco mode the A16 is limited to 7.5mph whilst on the Boost setting the A16 will reach 12.5mph..
18v 5.2Ah Battery.
Using an easily removable 18v 5.2Ah lithium battery we've kept the weight down whilst ensuring a great run time. These batteries are also compatible with the new Makita design..
Safety Brake Cut Out Switch.
Designed to cut off power as soon as the brake lever is pulled this system prevents power from being supplied to the motor whilst bringing the Amped A16 to a stop. Proving most beneficial to new riders we've found this system to be vital for children mastering the controls..
7 Spoke Wheels.
Opting to use 7 spoke wheels these 16inch composite reinforced wheels are both strong and light..
Aluminium Frame.
Keeping weight down benefits both the efficiency of the vehicle and the rider experience. Optimising performance in both speed and range whilst making the bike easily controllable for younger riders..
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