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Updated May 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Halo M4 48v 18AH 500w Lithium Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

The Halo M4 48v 18AH 500w Lithium Electric Scooter.
This brand new Halo M4 scooter includes a single 500w 48v brushless motor with a top speed of 45kmh and an optimum range of 65km due to the performance of the 48v 18ah lithium battery..
With both front and rear shock absorbers and a large deck the Halo provides a smooth and comfortable ride and the combined front and rear disc brakes give great stopping power. Also the Halo is fitted with front rear and deck side LED lights as well as functional indicator lights to ensure you are noticed for safety..
Weighing in at just 21kg the scooter is also foldable for easy storage and transportation..
Features Include:.
500w Brushless Hub Motor.
The Halo M4 comes with a 500w brushless hub motor with almost instant throttle response and a top speed of 45kmh the M4 is another level when compared to the standard commuter scooter. With a motor which can take up to 800w it's got reliability in mind too reducing the amount of heat produced this removes strain off the motor..
48v Lithium 18Ah Battery.
Using a high density 18Ah Lithium 48v battery this scooter can go up to 65km on one charge. Keeping weight down to just 21kg this high range scooter is a great progression from the standard commuter scooter..
LCD Display.
Fitted with a bright LCD intelligent display providing all the necessary information conveniently right on the handlebars..
10 inch Solid Tyres.
Providing a great ride and smooth rolling the 10 inch solid tyres for the 2023 model are puncture proof and will take uneven road surfaces in their stride..
LED Lights.
With lighting mounted on the front and rear ensuring you can both see and be seen. The Halo M4 also has lighting on the deck itself which can be operated as indicators ensuring you are noticed for safety..
Front and Rear Shock Absorber.
Using both front and rear shock absorbers the ride is plush and stable. Paired with the large deck and pneumatic tyres the Ha..... (more)

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