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Updated May 17, 2024

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Gotrax 150w Lithium Black Kids Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Junior Electric Scooters

The Gotrax H600 150w Kids Lithium Electric Scooter.
Gotrax who are renowned for their electric scooter range have finally taken their quality reliability performance and technologies and have 'shrunk' them to give us the H600 150w Kids version of their bestselling scooter..
Introducing a whole new style of Electric scooters for kids.
We have a guide of 8 as always at Parents Discretion and the height weight and skill of the rider should be considered..
The scooter comes with a removable handlebar stem for easy transportation or storage..
Colour Combinations.
The GKS features a fun twotone colour scheme making it one of the most unique looking kids scooters available.
Features Include:.
6 Inch Solid Rubber Tyres.
Fitted with fast rolling solid rubber tyres these 6inch wheels can roll smooth and provide great grip. Absorbing vibrations better than polyurethane this scooter almost glides along..
25.2v 2.0Ah Lithium Battery.
Speed is limited to a safe but fun 7.5mph and the compact 25.2V Lithium battery and 150 Watt electric motor powers and drives the scooter for up to an amazing 4 miles per charge. This high efficiency battery keeps weight down and power up. Using a lightweight battery means the Gotrax 150w can be used as a push scooter and not just an electric scooter removing any range anxiety..
Lightweight Frame.
Featuring a lightweight steel frame the Gotrax 150w is both strong and light weighing in at only 8kg. Making it easy to transport and able to take anything you can throw at it..
Safety Start Method.
Operated using a safety start button system this makes the Gotrax intuitive to use needing both feet on the deck before power is supplied to the motor this gives the rider time to position themselves correctly. Keeping both hands free we've found this makes the Gotrax 150w easy and simple. Please see below for further details..
AntiSlip Footplate.
Ensuring great grip the Gotrax 150w has been fitted with an..... (more)

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