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Updated September 20, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Currus Panther 60v 35AH 5400w Twin Motor Black Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Electric Scooters

The ;Currus Panther 60v 35AH 5400w Twin Motor Black Adult Electric Scooter.
The Currus Panther Electric Scooter a superior model that has 2700w Max Dual Motors which can take a heavy load. This elegantly made scooter has a 60V 35AH H35E Lithiumion battery pack from Samsung that gives the bike an incredible 120km range and speeds up to 80kmh. The Currus Panther has two charging ports that can concurrently charge the battery to full power in practically 50 of the real charging time..
Safety a significant factor and the Currus Panther electric Scooter has a superior hydraulic brake system that comes with builtin ABS for enhanced stability and control..
The Currus Panther likewise has a multieye smart throttle system Minimotors LCD Display which allows customisation for the rider in addition to tubeless tires which makes the bike incredibly steady and comfortable to ride. The 150mm front pressure suspension causes the ride to feel smooth while the front LED lights horns tail cover and any remaining features imply that the Currus Panther electric scooter safe smooth and tremendously powerful.
Main features:.
Power: 5400w.
Battery: 60v 35AH.
Max load: 150kg.
Max speed: 80 kmh Dependant on rider weight amp; terrain.
Max mileage: 120 km ;Dependant on rider weight terrain incline and style of riding.
Charge time: 16 18 hours.
Gross Weight: 55kg.
Net Weight: 50kg.
Folded size: 1280mm ;x 680mm x 520mm.
Assembled size: ;1280mm ;x 680mm ;x 1300mm.
Hydraulic Breaks with ABS system ;.
The combined hydraulic brakes with the ABS system builtin provide great stopping power tackling the toughest conditions making them ;more effective ensuring excellent control and stability for pilot safety..
2700 Watt Dual Hub Motors.
Dual 2700w 60v motors with a top speed of 96kmh and an optimum range of up to 120km..
Minimotors LCD Intelligent Display.
Display includes a battery indicator speedometer gear setting trip mileage ..... (more)

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