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Updated February 27, 2024

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Pit Bike Wheel Bearing Dunlop 6202-RS - Fun Bikes

Wheel Bearings

Pit Bike Wheel Bearing Dunlop 6202RS The majorty of the big pit bike manufacturers now supply and fit these bearings as standard in SDG style hubs. The centre hole allows for a 15mm axle. If you have wheels with SDG hubs then these bearings will fit and common brands such as Made 2 Race M2R Stomp Demon Evo all use SDG hubs. We only supply rubber seal bearings for pit bikes wheels. The rubber seal stops water penetrating the bearing therefore the inner races are less likely to rust. Summary:.
Fits all M2R pit bikes except KX90F.
Fits majority of Stomp pit bikes.
Fits majority of Demon X pit bikes.
Fits majority of Welsh pit bikes.
Most common sized bearing for sdg hubs.
For 15mm axles only.
Sold individually however the wheel rim requires two bearings and you should change both of them at the same time...... (more)

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