Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated September 20, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Pit Bike Gold CNC Wheels Kenda Tyres SDG Hub 14 12 - Fun Bikes


Pit Bike Wheels with CNC Hubs. These beautifully made pit bike wheels have a high quality aluminium outer rim featuring striking gold CNC hubs laced with high quality heavy duty chrome spokes. The hub the SDG type and most commonly found on the majority of the better quality pit bikes. i.e. manufacturers like M2R Evo Demon Welsh Pit Bike Stomp Pitster Pro. Nearly all pit bikes are built to a budget thus this type of wheel not found on the majority of bikes as a standard fitment. Fitments for axles disks sprockets are as follows:.
Axle Fitment: 15mm..
Brake Disk Fitment: 100mm diagonally between hole centres..
Sprocket Fitment: 92mm diagonally between hole centres with a 76mm hub..
The whole construction of the wheels far superior to that of a standard wheels. Kenda Carlsbad tyres are fitted which are considered a top brand within the pit bike industry. The Carlsbad tyre Bidirectional allowing riders to choose a tyre for soft or intermediate terrain..
CNC Hubs.
High Quality Alloy Rims.
Heavy Duty Chrome Spokes.
Kenda Carlsbad BiDirectional Tyres.
Bearing Dust Seals Fitted.
Beautiful trick looking wheels with a high quality construction and some of the best tyres available. A MUST HAVE..... (more)

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