Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated September 16, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Enhance Low Seat Height 22 Unisex Electric Bike WH21-278 - Fun Bikes


Enhance Low Seat Height 22 Unisex Electric Bike USED.
Warehouse Deal Product.
What are Warehouse Deal Products.
We supply our customers with only brand new stock in perfect condition. ;Warehouse Deals ; stock falls below that standard and if you are happy to accept a little less than perfect are a real bargain.
All Warehouse Deals items are sold at a discounted price and we offer the standard warranty relevant to the product on all items. Your statuary rights are not affected..
Note: The first image a stock image the rest of the images are of the actual product..
What wrong with the items.
Superficial damage -; The product in working order but may have slight marks caused by either manufacturing or during assembly. This item itself in working condition but shows signs of wear on the tyres. There are also some small wear marks on the righthand side crank arm. Please see all the images for the overall condition. These products are sold with our standard warranty and will likely benefit from being fully assembled free of charge saving on costs of up to pound;99.99 and will receive a full predelivery inspection from our assembly team. Certain ancillary parts may need to be reattached due to transport limitations..
Finished in gloss white with French blue mudguards and chainguard this electric bike certainly looks far more expensive than its selling price. Its powered by a 36 Volt 8ah lithium battery and the range per charge will be approx 20 miles using the pedal assist function. A simple battery indicator fitted to the handlebar relays exactly how much battery power left to use..
A clever feature of this model that the battery can be quickly removed with minimum fuss for added security plus the removable key also locks the battery to your machine to prevent theft..
The front LED light controlled by a switch on the handlebars. ;.
There are two cycling modes Pedal assist where the rider pedals and the..... (more)

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