Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated May 25, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Mercedes G63 6x6 AMG G-Wagon Licensed 4WD 12V Battery Grey Ride On SUV - Fun Bikes

Ride On 4x4s

Mercedes G63 6x6 AMG GWagon Licensed 4WD 12V Battery Grey Ride On SUVe.
Check out the new licensed megasized Mercedes G wagon 6x6 12V Battery Electric RideOn SUV in Lux Grey . This scaleddown replica comes loaded with some great features. This is one one very best ride on cars available..
Fully Licensed.
Follows the original design from the real world Mercedes AMG GWagon 6x6. The vehicle is fully licensed which means Bentley has approved the use of all branding badges and design and why it looks so real..
All 6Wheel Suspension.
Each wheel can move up and down independently of the others. This improves the ride quality and wheel grip on uneven offroad surfaces such as grass. Many other rideon cars have only rearwheel suspension..
Working Features.
Like the real thing the doors boot and bonnet open. The boonet has a miniture bonnet stay to keep it open and under there is the spare battery. This gives it a real car feel. The dash lights up beautifully and there is a battery display. Features such as built in radio integrated music startup engine sounds and working horn Incar LED lighting under chassis Leds and theres so much more..... you can see where this is going the spec is awesome.
This is so sturdy and well built it can take a rider weight of 90kg in total. It has a storage box in the boot that turns into an an adult seat and dual throttle pedal which means you the parent could in theory weight permitting can ride this with your child. Can you image how cool that it.
Two Batteries.
Now you can have twice the fun time. This mega truck carries two 12v 10ah batteries. When ones depleated just swop them over for another hour of fun. Theres a storage compartment for the unused battery. And theres two chergers so one battery can be charged whilst one is being used or both when youve finsihed playing for quicker charging..
Multimedia and Dash.
Supercar style push button start a multi function steering wheel a talk..... (more)

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