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Updated August 17, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Dualtron Ultra II 72v 35AH 6640w Twin Motor Black Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

The Dualtron Ultra II 72v 35AH 6640w Twin Motor Black Adult Electric Scooter.
This variant of the Dualtron Ultra II bike incorporates dual 3320w brushless 48v motors with a max speed of 96kmh and an optimum range of up to 130km because of the performance of the 72v 35AH LG lithium battery..
The new Dualtron Ultra II has the new 72v 40A x 2 controllers which have been moved to the back wing for improved heat distribution. The rider can now enjoy more torque and a higher max speed without overheating the controllers.
Additionally the Ultra II has LED lighting features and is outfitted with a profoundly proficient rubber suspension which is adaptable for allterrains..
Additionally the Dualtron Ultra II is outfitted with multiple LED lighting features making the rider very visible in any riding conditions for extra safety. As well as this it also features a highly efficient rubber suspension which proves suitable for varying terrains..
Main features:.
Power: 72 Volts.
Battery: 72V 35AH.
Max load: 150kg.
Max speed: 96 kmh Dependant on rider weight and terrain.
Max mileage: 130km Dependant on rider weight terrain incline and style of riding.
Charge time: 23 25 hours.
Gross Weight: 49kg.
Net Weight: 44kg.
Folded size: 1210mm x 525mm x 320mm.
Assembled size: 1210mm x 600mm x 1219mm.
State of the Art Braking Power.
The combined NUTT hydraulic brakes front and rear disc brakes and electric ABS provide great stopping power tackling the toughest conditions..
3320 Watt Dual Motors.
Dual 3320w 72v motors with a top speed of 96kmh and an optimum range of up to 120140km..
LCD Intelligent Display.
Display includes a battery indicator speedometer gear setting trip mileage ODO lifetime mileage light control battery percent..
11 inch Tyres.
The highgrade 11inch ultrawide tubeless tyres provide better grip and coupled with both front and rear rubber suspension deliver a controlled ride over rough terrain..
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