Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated January 16, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Zero 11X 72v 32AH 3200w Twin Motor Electric Scooter WH21-031 - Fun Bikes


The Zero 11X 72v 32AH 3200w Twin Motor Electric Scooter USED.
Warehouse Deal Product.
What are Warehouse Deal Products.
We supply our customers with only brand new stock in perfect condition. 'Warehouse Deals' stock falls below that standard and if you are happy to accept a little less than perfect are a real bargain.
All Warehouse Deals items are sold at a discounted price and we offer the standard warranty relevant to the product on all items. Your statuary rights are not affected..
Note: The first image is a stock image the rest of the images are of the actual product..
What is wrong with the items.
Superficial damage - The product is in working order but may have slight marks caused by either manufacturing or during assembly. This item itself is in full working condition but comes with slick tyres instead of the standard knobbly tyres. There are also minimal signs of wear on the deck with some chips and scratches around the scooter. These can be located on both brake levers the stem lefthand side fork leg lefthand side of the deck and both the front and rear swingarm. Please see all the images for the overall condition. These products are sold with our standard warranty and will likely benefit from being fully assembled free of charge saving on costs of up to pound;99.99 and will receive a full predelivery inspection from our assembly team. Certain ancillary parts may need to be reattached due to transport limitations..
The ZERO 11X reaches the limits between what is possible for an electric scooter and that of a motorbike. This is the most rugged and powerful model in the ZERO series and it does not disappoint..
Truly this is not a machine for every rider but if you are an enthusiast the ZERO 11X is what every enthusiast should desire. This machine is insanely fast and should be treated with the respect it deserves and that is an awful lot. This scooter is not for the faint of heart nor should be ridden with..... (more)

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