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Updated August 11, 2022

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Yugen Zero RX11 72v 32AH 3200w Twin Motor Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

The Yugen Zero RX11 72v 32AH 3200w Twin Motor Electric Scooter.
The Yugen Zero RX11 reaches the limits between what is possible for an electric scooter and that of a motorbike. This is the most rugged and powerful model in the Yugen series and it does not disappoint..
Truly this is not a machine for every rider but if you are an enthusiast the Yugen RX11 is what every enthusiast should desire. This machine is insanely fast and should be treated with the respect it deserves and that is an awful lot. This scooter is not for the faint of heart nor should be ridden without experience and always with safety in mind..
Equipped with dual 1600w highspeed motors boasting an optimum range of 120km together with a top speed of an insane 95 kmh yes 95 kmh the Yugen RX11 is the ultimate thrillseekers plaything. With all that power we recommend this scooter for ages 18 and up..
Main features:.
Power: 72 Volts.
Max load: 150kg.
Max speed: 95 kmh.
Max mileage: 120 km dependant on rider weight terrain and hows its ridden.
Charge time: 14 hours.
Folded size: 142x72x60cm.
Assembled size: 142x72x133cm.
11 Inch Tyres.
The highgrade 11inch tyres provide ample grip..
Striking Suspension Arms.
The first thing to stand out is the striking suspension arms connecting the wheels to the body. These suspension arms are propped up by twin hydraulic shock absorbers for added comfort which easily handle the bumpiest of roads and provide fantastic handling for a stable ride..
Custom Spring Hydraulic Shock Absorbers.
Equipped with hydraulic spring suspension these two megasized 165mm custom spring hydraulic shock absorbers have adjustable stiffness so that you can adjust them to perfectly suit your weight and a variety of offroad uses. This adjustment feature is especially useful when you require a higher suspension for offroad use but a lower suspension for use on flatter more even surfaces..
Dual 1600w Motors.
Both wheels have hub motors that..... (more)

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