Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated August 17, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FB-Jump 12ft Trampoline - Fun Bikes


FBJump 12 Trampoline.
12ft Trampoline. Complete with No Contact Safety Net Enclosure on an 80cm high base with a 3.66m Diameter Frame. Get the kids fit and healthy the easy way and improve your childrens motor skills balance and coordination at the same time as having some serious fun.
As with all our products ensuring a safe sturdy and practical design was our top priority.
No Contact Safety Posts and Polyethylene PE Netting included as standard with an easy access ladder..
The Jump 12 is an affordable fun and entertaining family outdoor toy..
Safety First.
8 No Contact Foam Padded Support Bars.
Shielded by the net the steel 25mm x 1.2mm 1.8m support bars are all galvanised both inside and out to increase product lifetime and surrounded with 15mm highdensity foam to reduce the risk of injury from an impact. The 38mm x 1.1mm Frame and Leg steels are fully galvanised and designed for high strength and long life..
Woven Polyethylene PE Netting.
Fully fitted gapless high tensile polyethylene PE netting shields the bars to keep children safe and it reduces the risk of falls and bumps..
Double Locked Netting.
Using a double secure system even if a zip did fail weve fitted a secondary buckle system to maintain a higher level of safety..
Double Safety Spring Perimeter Padding.
Unlike the standard nets fitted to trampolines the safety net is connected underneath the padding and locks the padding into position. By using the safety net to double secure the pad possible exposure of the springs is reduced..
Impact Zip.
The stitched impactresistant zip is bright and easy to spot if the trampoline is not fully secured..
Spring and Pad Cover.
The 12mm thick blue perimeter padding for spring protection is double secured for safety and is UVresistant easy to clean and weatherproof..
Fun Stuff.
Galvanised Steel Springs.
The Jump 12 includes 72 3.0mmx28Nx135mm rustresistant steel ultrastro..... (more)

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