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Updated December 09, 2023

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Mashed Up AIR RIDE 200mm Black Adjustable Folding Kick Scooter - Fun Bikes

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Mashed Up Air Ride 200mm Folding Height Adjustable Kick Scooter Black.
This rather nice scooter comes in just one colour Stealth Black. The finish is anodised so its longlasting ensuring your scooter looks great for years to come..
The scooter folds in seconds and if required even the handlebars fold up. The rear mudguard doubles up as your foot brake. Lightweight and simplistic. The unique selling point of the AIR RIDE is the rubber airfilled tyres giving you the cushioned riding experience..
A great alternative instead of a bike or an electric scooter. Perfect for commuting whether it be the school run or to the office..
The super fast folding and lock mechanism means this scooter is ready for action within seconds. Easily transports for bus taxi and tube travel and light enough to be carried if required..
Features include:.
200mm AirFilled Tyres.
200mm AirFilled Tyres provide a smooth and comfortable ride..
Abec 7 Bearings.
Fitted with Abec 7 bearings these ensure a smoother and faster roll than your standard scooter wheel bearing..
Folding Handlebar Stem.
The handlebars on this scooter fold down to make it even more compact. Perfect for fitting in a caravan or putting it in the boot..
Height adjustable 3 level handlebars.
The handlebars on this scooter can be set to 3 differing heights meaning it can be set up for all riders..
Super Quick Folding Mechanism.
With a super quick folding mechanism you don't need to spend 10 minutes fighting to fold it down..
Front and Rear Suspension.
Fitted with front and rear suspension there's a reason why we call this the Air it's almost like you're riding on a cloud..
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