Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated April 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes T-Max Roughrider 90cc Blue Kids Midi Quad Bike - Fun Bikes

Junior Quad Bikes

FunBikes TMax Roughrider 90cc Kids Quad Bike.
The ideal first machine if your little ones missed the mini quad. Designed to be a step up from the mini quads before moving onto our junior 125cc ranges this is the perfect inbetween bike..
Featuring a robust and reliable 4 stroke push button electric start engine; fully automatic rev and go transmission and essential safety features such as a restrictable throttle fully enclosed footwells and rider lanyard..
Runs on unleaded petrol no mixing oils Tmax delivers a product that is simple safe and fun..
Just for reference we find this is most commonly purchased for children aged 612 years. The suitability of the product to a particular child is at the Parents Discretion - Height Weight and Skill should also be considered..
Key features:.
Rev and go automatic transmission.
Front and rear lights.
90cc 4Stroke Engine.
Fitted with a smooth and powerful 90cc 4 stroke engine the T-Max Roughrider has ample power to keep you moving when the going gets tough. Built for reliability regular oil changes keep these engines going strong for years to come..
Push Button Electric Start.
Using a push button electric start you won't have to mess around with a pull or kick starter. Keeping it simple and easy to use we've ensured you spend as much time as possible having fun.
Restrictable Throttle.
Reducing wrist injury risk with a thumb actuated throttle rather than a twist grip we've also added the functionality of restricting the throttle back allowing the T-Max to be set up to any rider level..
Safety Lanyard.
Whilst the T-Max is a lot of fun we've also taken additional measures to ensure safety as well. Fitted with a kill switch and a dead man safety lanyard we've fitted the T-Max with the means to keep your child safe..
Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake.
The sealed system hydraulic rear brake should be reliable and powerful. Ensuring great braking power the T-Max can be ridden with ..... (more)

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