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Updated April 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos GT1600 Sport 48v Lithium Hub Drive Off Road Black Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

Chaos GT1600 Sport 48v Lithium Hub Drive OffRoad Adult Electric Scooter.
The new Chaos GT1600 Sport is here..
Combining a luxury finish with great performance this is the gran tourer of the Chaos scooter range..
Features Include:.
1600w 48v Brushless Hub Motor.
With almost instant throttle response our newly revised hub motors are powerful and easier to maintain than our chaindriven scooters. Using a brushless motor means internal motor resistance is drastically reduced making this smooth quiet and packed full of power. Pushing the GT1600 up to 45kmh this motor is no joke..
LCD Display.
With a clear LCD display all the information you need is presented clearly even in bright outdoor conditions..
Lighter Lithium Battery.
We've used a 15.6Ah lithium battery especially for the GT1600 enabling the 40km range dependant on rider weight and how it's ridden. Keeping weight down but performance up this is the most efficient unit we currently have available to us. The GT1600 weighs in at 38kg and with its onetouch folding mechanism this scooter is very easy to transport..
10 Inch OffRoad Tyres.
Using our largersized wheels to fit our 10inch offroad tyres no matter the road condition the GT1600 will keep you rolling smoothly..
Disc Brakes.
Using highpower disc brakes front and rear the GT1600 has a positive brake feel paired with great performance..
3 Speed Settings.
With 3 speed settings from factory the GT1600 is adaptable to all conditions letting you optimise the scooter for the rider. Switching between maximum range and top speed is easy and all at the touch of a button.
Vertically Mounted Front Cantilever Suspension.
Using a front cantilever suspension design we've set this up to be both supple and stable. Soaking up the bumps but with enough stiffness to give a good feeling of the surface you're riding on..
Twin Rear Shock Suspension.
Using the rear wheel to power the scooter we've chosen to add twin rear sho..... (more)

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