Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated June 30, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos 48v 1000w White Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

Chaos Sport 1000W 48 Volt Powerboard Adult Electric Scooter Chaos Powerboard eScooters have taken electric scooters to the next level. These scooters are designed and manufactured using state of the art techniques making them superior to all others on the market. From Puzey Design Chaos scooters are loaded with innovative features ensuring their high quality shines through..
Chaos electric scooters are great fun products and can be used by all ages recommended 14 years and up..
Features Include:.
1000w 48v Brushed Motor.
Creating a smooth power delivery this motor is designed for long life and reliability. Getting up to a maximum speed of 35kmh its no slouch either..
SLA Gel Batteries.
Newly revised with 48v SLA gel batteries these have increased efficiency compared to the lead acid counterpart. Cutting weight and improving performance giving this scooter a maximum range of 20km around 20 more than life than the typical 36v packs found on other products on the market. We've put these batteries through their paces and found an average life of 400 charge cycles..
Removable Seat Post.
This Chaos scooter has the option to ride with a seat or without depending on where you're planning on going. No tools are required to remove the seat meaning you don't have to make the decision at home..
Alloy Wheels.
Using lightweight alloy wheels these 3 spoke wheels are lighter than their steel counterpart improving performance at speed. Using our all terrain tyres these won't leave you stranded when the going gets tough..
Disc Brakes.
With vented 140mm disc brakes front and rear these cable operated brakes are dependable and reliable requiring minimal maintenance. With a gloss white finish they look the part as well. We've also added reinforced brake levers to aid the longevity of the vehicle..
Front Vertically Mounted Cantilever Suspension.
Using a front cantilever suspension design we've set this up to be both supple and stable. Soaki..... (more)

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