Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated June 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FunBikes X-Max Roughrider 1500w Lithium Electric Blue Junior Quad Bike - Fun Bikes

Junior Quad Bikes

Funbikes XMax Roughrider 1500w Electric Quad Bike.
The XMax junior quad bike is the newest addition to the great Funbikes electric quad range.
Powered by a 1500w hitorque brushless motor and requiring minimal maintenance this is the perfect quad for young speed demons. One of our biggest and fastest electric quads yet.
The electric motor incorporates a hightorque gear ratio which makes it suitable for flat grounds such as gardens hills and gradients and offroad quad biking terrain.Giving a run time of around 45 to 80 minutes dependant on rider weight and terrain theres plenty of time to have fun on the XMax..
Key features.
OffRoad Treaded Tyres.
Offroad treaded tyres provide ample grip to cope with uneven and loose terrain.
LED Headlights.
Fitted with LED highpower headlights keeping your child safe and visible when out and about.
Removable Lithium Battery pack with charge port.
Using a removable Lithiumion battery pack means the battery can be removed from the quad to be charged individually inside. This prevents muddy tyres inside and running extension cables out the window. Also allowing for interchangeable battery packs you can make it so the fun never stops.
Twistgrip throttle.
The twistgrip throttle makes it easier to control the level of speed when handling these quad bikes.
Forward and Reverse Gears.
Easy to operate gears with reverse available at just a push of the button. Located on the lefthand side hand grip you dont even need to let go of the bars to switch into reverse..
Raptor Style Body.
Having a Raptorstyle body they really do look the part. Being a scaleddown version of the real thing the kids will really look the part when they're blasting around a field.
Easy Access Intelligent Controller.
Throttle Response Choose how you want the power delivery sporty and aggressive soft and gentle or somewhere in between Speed Setting - You set the top speed from anywhere between 8 kmh to 38 kmh..<..... (more)

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