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Updated April 22, 2024

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos Kids MX Boots Black - Fun Bikes

Childrens Clothing

Chaos Childrens MX Boots The Chaos MX boot provides the rider with comfort secure fitting paired with a modern design. A leather upper and rubber sole are double stitched together for maximum strength when out on the track and in the woods. The heel and achilles area of the boot is sturdy and near impossible to bend backwards. Overall this is an excellent boot for the young rider and is an essential part of any off road kit..
Features Include:.
Adjustable Twin Buckles.
These boots come with twin locking buckles to ensure the boots stay secure. Providing additional support throughout the ankle. These buckles have 2 positions and can also be adjusted on their mounting point this ensures a great fit..
Gear Selector Grip Pad.
Fitted with a double stitched rubber grip pad this is located just at the point the gear selector would be mounted. This prevents wear on the boots from the gear selector and makes it much more comfortable changing gear..
Lower Shin Protector.
Chaos knows that body protectors don't reach down to the lower shin so these boots have an integrated shin protector to provide protection in an area otherwise not covered..
Inside Suede Frame Grip.
For optimal control and grip these boots have a suede grip pad on the inner side of the boot. This provides optimum grip on the frame perfect for maintaining balance and control when the going gets tough..
Reinforced Heel and Sole.
The double stitching on the heel keeps the back of the boot solid and prevents it from folding back critical for an MX boot. With a solid shockabsorbing sole this prevents and reduces impact when getting your foot down..
MX Derived Tread Pattern.
Using a tread pattern specific to MX bikes this uses grips that match the pattern from a footpeg ensuring a great hold. With an indent to secure the boot to its correct position this makes it easy for beginners to know where to keep their foot..
Breathable Inner Liner.
Fitted with a breathable ..... (more)

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