Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated August 11, 2022

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Gotrax G4 36v 10-4AH 350w Lithium BLACK IPX6 Waterproof Electric Scooter WH22-278 - Fun Bikes


Gotrax G4 36v 10.4AH 350w Lithium BLACK Waterproof Electric Scooter USED.
Warehouse Deal Product.
What are Warehouse Deal Products.
We supply our customers with only brand new stock in perfect condition. 'Warehouse Deals' stock falls below that standard and if you are happy to accept a little less than perfect are a real bargain.
All Warehouse Deals items are sold at a discounted price and we offer the standard warranty relevant to the product on all items. Your statuary rights are not affected..
Note: The first image is a stock image the rest of the images are of the actual product..
What is wrong with the items.
Superficial damage - The product is in working order but may have slight marks caused by either manufacturing or during assembly. This item is in full working condition but has some wear on the tyres. There are also some scratches across the frame and body. There are also some scuffs on the handlebars stem deck and brake levers. There is also a small tear on the righthand side grip. Please see all the images for the overall condition..
The GSeries Performance Scooters are here....
Introducing the Gotrax G4 Electric scooter for adults. After over a year of feedback the GSeries Scooters are an improved version in almost every aspect over their predecessor the GXL V2. Now you can enjoy riding up to 35 km per charge at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour and new features like the builtin digital lock..
The big feature of this model is the IPX6 level of water resistance..
Features Include:.
Pneumatic 10 inch Fast Rolling Tyres.
The Gotrax G4 is fitted with fast rolling road tyres meaning you get the most from the power available. Absorbing shocks and vibrations these 10 inch tyres give the Gotrax G4 an extremely comfortable ride for a scooter in this price range. With the built in cruise control feature this scooter can cover 35km dependant on rider weight and terrain in comfort..
Digital Lock.(more)

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