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Updated November 30, 2023

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Chaos Freestyle 48v 2400w Two Wheel Drive Twin Motor Adult Electric Scooter - Fun Bikes

Adult Electric Scooters

Chaos Freestyle 2400w Two Wheel Drive Twin Motor Adult Electric Scooter.
The new Chaos twowheeldrive offroad scooter is like an amalgamation between the traditional BMX and a standard offroad electric scooter. Check out the front and rear singlesided suspension and wide handlebars..
Features Include:.
1200w Front and rear brushless hub motors.
Having twin 48v 1200w brushless hub motors these put the power right where you want it. Generating torque from right inside the wheel power delivery is instant..
App connectivity.
With the option to adjust all your settings remotely from your phone the days of confusing settings menus and hundreds of button combinations are gone. With every feature being controlled through the app the scooter can be set up any way you want it.
Powerful front and rear disc brakes.
Fitted with powerful front and rear disc brakes the Freestyle has plenty of stopping power. If this isn't enough for you the regenerative motor braking can be adjusted by connecting with the Uniscooter app..
Front Headlight.
With a highpower 4 LED front light the Freestyle can show you where you're going even when it's getting late..
3 speed settings.
With the option to choose between 3 speed modes the freestyle can be set up to best suit the rider. With ECO Drive and Sports mode you can change between maximum power and range to suit how you're using the Freestyle..
Front and rear motor selection.
With independent choice between the front rear and dual motors the Freestyle really can be set up just the way you want it.
Floating Mudguards.
Floating front and rear mudguards hug the wheel meaning minimal impact on the aesthetics of the scooter whilst also functioning with prevent stones and small loose items from hitting the rider..
Easy folding mechanism.
Fitted with an easy to use folding mechanism this single action mechanism can be locked in at the rear of the scooter to ensure the scooter can be carried whils..... (more)

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