Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated December 09, 2023

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

FB-Tino Deluxe Air 10ft Trampoline - Fun Bikes


FBTino Deluxe Air 10ft Trampoline.
Get the kids fit and healthy the easy way and improve your childrens motor skills balance and coordination at the same time as having some serious fun.
Our 10FT Deluxe Air Trampoline is perfect for the garden.As with all our products ensuring a safe sturdy and practical design was our top priority The 8ft model is as compact as possible to produce an excellent bounce on a bigger than standard jump mat. No Contact Safety Posts and Polyethylene PE Netting included as standard..
Please note that the extensions are already to fixed to the legs to save time on assembly.
No ladder is required with easy onboarding by the kids onto the low height 55cm base..
The Tino 10 is an affordable fun and entertaining family outdoor toy..
Safety Net.
Highquality safety enclosure net with zipper and buckle to provide 100 assurance that your child is safe.
Zinc plated and heat tempered spings with a tapered design aiding with corrosion resistance and preventing any stretch..
Spring Cover Pad.
Using an extra large 20mm thick foam padding. With UVresistant cover these dont fade in the sun. Easily fitting to the frame these trampolines are easy to assemble especially with the instructions provided..
Double Safety Spring Perimeter Clip.
Unlike the standard nets fitted to trampolines the safety net is connected underneath the padding and locks the padding into position. By using the safety net to double secure the pad possible exposure of the springs is reduced..
Frame Tubing.
High temperature galvanised inside and out steel tubing provides excellent corrosion resistance. With powder coating on the weld points and across the frame they dont bend break or rust.
Ensuring strength and stability within the frame the connections use an overlapping T piece to reinforce and strengthen the joints. Better than most butt joints currently on the market..
Reinforced Elastic Jumping ..... (more)

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