Mini Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Updated July 31, 2021

Mini-Moto Dirt Quad Bikes

Mini Moto, Quad, Motard, Dirt Bike All Weather Air Filter - Fun Bikes

Air Filters

Mini Moto Quad Motard Dirt Bike All Weather Air Filter This all weather air filter comes as standard on some bikes. It will only fit the standard carburettors identifiable with their white fuel tap. it will not fit the Cobra or KXD mini dirt bikes. This air filter ideal for low maintainance users. It also ideal for wet weather or muddy ground. Very easy to fit therefore changing your air filter to a dry weather performance one as and when needed takes just a few minutes. Summary.
Std factory fit filter.
Attaches directly to standard carb.
Ideal for running in wet conditions..... (more)

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